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Your body-mind is wise! Persistent discomfort is an intuitive call for corrective action. Now is your time to answer this call with Yoga therapy : the process of empowering   individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga. The process leads you on an intriguing, intimate, treasure hunt to remember your innate healing capacity and to recover vital resources.Yoga philosophy provides the map, the practices provide tools, and your body provides the vehicle for your exploration!

Your yoga therapy exploration is taken through the lens of the yogic view of the human as  sheathed in 5 treasures that originate within subtle fields of energy (spirit and consciousness), evolve into mind, then eventually take gross physical form as an emotive body empowered with animate energy.  We are constituted in form by a combination of five interrelated elements: Earth Water Fire Air and Space; each related to unique aspects of our anatomy, physiology and animate energies.

Our 5 treasures are inextricably intertwined in generating and sustaining optimal well-being. In this paradigm, all forms of disease, dis-ease/discomfort are understood to begin in the subtle energy realms before manifesting in gross form. Loss of relationship between any of the five treasures, compromises all of them. The treasure hunt taken in our yoga therapy process helps recover your treasures and restore their natural state of balance for your state of well-being!

Engaging yoga therapy is not like attending a yoga class where the focus is typically limited to practicing yoga postures, basic breath awareness and brief relaxation. Yoga class settings barely allow teachers to scratch the surface of the potential yoga holds for shaping your well-being. In contrast, the process of yoga therapy engages a wide scope of yoga practices to gradually re-empower individuals to become conscious that they presently possess an essential nature that is inherently whole, innately loving, and not subject to any form of suffering. The navigational tools yoga therapy provides may include:

  • non-judgmental reflecting upon lifestyle, habits and behaviors that support or detracts from one’s core values
  • establishing rhythms of activity, rest, and consumption of nutrients that are in harmony with the natural world
  • practicing physical postures and movements that align and strengthen the body while cleansing the organ systems
  • expanding the breath
  • attuning all the senses
  • concentrating, then focusing attention
  • witnessing mental chatter, emotions and beliefs
  • developing presence through meditation
  • remembering a unified state of being, free of embodied suffering

As a certified yoga therapist, Cheryl Van Demark acts as a guide for your discovery of Yoga as the complete life science it is.

Your yoga therapy is provided in an initial group of 3 sessions:

  1. evaluation of your 5 treasures
  2. instruction in yoga tools for practices suited to your needs
  3. follow up assessment of effects of practices

Your yoga therapy services may be continued on a single session basis thereafter.


  • Initial Visit : $95
  • 3 Follow Up Visits Package (within 60 days): $200 (Save $25)
  • Follow Up Visit $75 (one hour)

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Cheryl Van Demark is also a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and skilled manual therapist. Her background as a physical therapist for over 30 years has allowed her to seamlessly blend integrative practices for a truly therapeutic experience.


Cheryl Van Demark invites interested clients to receive Reiki as part of your therapeutic session. Reiki may be understood as a universal healing energy we can choose to experience through practitioners who have been trained and attuned to sense and share its flow with you. Reiki evolved as a Japanese healing art that is now practiced world-wide. It is not affilitated with any religion. Healing Reiki energy wisely guides itself, acting via the practitioner’s hand placements on or over the receiver’s body. Cheryl is certified in both the Usui Level2 and Holy Fire Reiki master practices.
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Cheryl Van Demark’s has developed a wide range of manual therapy skills that she adapts to meet the needs and comfort of each patient she has the honor to treat. While both Yoga Therapy and Reiki practices wisely guide reintegration of the multiple forms of energy empowering our body systems, our myofascial tissues often benefit from the addition of direct/ hands on mobilization of our tissues to restore optimal alignment and fluid movement.

Location options for your appointments.
I have arranged space-shares of a private room within like-minded businesses:

Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio, Prescott
Beyond Physical Therapy, Chino Valley
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Cheryl Van Demark PT, MA
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