Your body-mind is wise!
Persistent discomfort is an intuitive call for corrective action. Are you listening?

How could you respond to your call? Self care supports our health care, yet today’s health professionals may not remind you of the tremendous capacity you possess to influence your well being. I have devoted my life to studying and honoring our miraculous body-mind-spirit. A teacher at heart, I am deeply inspired to guide you to integrate the wisdom and practices of the Yoga tradition and the energy of Reiki into your self care to support your health care. The root of the word “integration” is the Latin integrare-to make whole.  My role is to empower you to remember and reclaim your wholeness to create the state of health and well-being you seek. Now really is the best time for you to begin.

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  • Initial Visit (1.25 hours) : $95
  • Package  of 3 Follow Up Visits (one hour each) to be used within 90 days: $200 (Save $25)
  • Single Follow Up Visits $75 (one hour)

Please note Health In Motion LLC does not bill health insurance for the therapeutic services you receive.  If you wish to submit a claim, a statement will be provided upon your request. 

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Below find links to location options for your appointments
in a private room within like-minded businesses:

Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio, Prescott
110 West Center Street, Suite 2, Chino Valley
Please contact me with any questions about my therapeutic services.

Cheryl Van Demark PT, MA C-IAYT
Tel.  928-925-4388
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