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This 2020 self care blog was written with an intention to focus our attention on sustaining our own well-being through
In the las blog, an activity exploring selfhood was introduced wherein one bore witness to what remained of a sense
Motivation to make the time may be discovered by considering the consequence of self-care’s opposite qualities. Given self-care promotes thriving,
Recall that the act of compassion begins first with recognizing suffering is happening, then responding to relieve it.  Here, now
Life always calls for compassion! Generating compassion for patients, family and community when we are all in this time of
The how of compassion can be generated using the acronym of G.R.A.C.E.: gather attention, recall intention, attune to self and
The acronym of G.R.A.C.E. described by Roshi Joan Halifax provides us with a map for generating compassion: gather attention, recall
From the work of Roshi Joan Halifax, the acronym G.R.A.C.E is a tool for cultivating compassion.  It  calls for us
Mindfulness is often defined as paying attention in the present moment without judgement. If you have practiced this, you likely
This blog entry invites us to engage in contemplative practice with the notion of the “self” we are caring for