Speaking Engagements

Cheryl has offered engaging learning experiences promoting heath and well-being throughout her 35 year career. Her passion as an educator, therapist and writer is bridging teachings and practices from the wisdom traditions for self care into health care to facilitate healing for all.

Contact Cheryl to engage your community today! Together we can craft a fruitful learning experience to serve your needs, or find a list of Cheryl’s most recent speaking engagement topics below:

Integrative Treatment for the Experience of Chronic Pain: Empowering the Patient

Creating A System of Health Starts with YOU!

Integrative Treatment for Chronic Pain 

Aging Gracefully: Informed Choices for Health, Wellness & Well Being

Yoga Therapy As an Adjunct to TNE and PNE (Therapeutic and Pain Neuroscience Education)

Understanding Chronic Pain: Perspectives from the Yoga Tradition

Creating Health: Strategic Implementation of Mind-Body Science

Surprising Ways to Influence Chronic Pain 

Group Contemplative Movement Practices

Cheryl’s decade of yoga teaching experience allows her to craft a delightful, comforting and accessible yoga based mindful movement practice for your group. An embodied experience of principles in practice provides an opportunity to deeply embed learning.

Presentation Fee: $100 / hour plus travel expenses

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