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Because Your Movement Matters: Skillful Actions for Self are


The archetypal role of the physician, and by extension allied health professionals, has historically been cast as the healer. Healing however does not actually mean restoration of health.  This recasting of the health professional out of the role of the healer might create cognitive dissonance, until we explore the language of healing further. The NIH […]

Intention Setting

Intention setting is often confused with establishing a goal. Discerning the difference is an essential teaching because our intentions continually shape our reality; alternatively expressed as “we reap what we sow.”  Intention describes how we will BE in order to HAVE what we seek. Intention is oriented to the mechanics of the fulfillment of the […]

The When of Self-Compassion

Recall that the act of compassion begins first with recognizing suffering is happening, then responding to relieve it.  Here, now in the midst of the disruption of our lives by the corona-virus is an opportune time for noticing your suffering is likely to be present. Using your body-mind as a laboratory, notice the breadth of […]

The What & How of Compassion

Life always calls for compassion! Generating compassion for family, friends and community when we are all in this time of disruption may be more challenging than usual. Humanitarian, author and Zen Buddhist scholar Roshi Joan Halifax describes the following four conditions as a map for creating compassion: the capacity to attend to the experience of […]

Valuing Self Care

Self care is really an act of self -compassion….Rehearse your ABC’s to introduce yourself to the practicing self compassion: