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Anchor & Count Breath

Anchor & Count Breaths Sit or stand with the spine straight, but not rigidly held and become still. In this posture, embody a feeling of dignity. Feel your breath at each of these areas, then pick one and anchor your attention there while you count your breaths. Bring your attention to your nostrils and feel […]

Notice Your Breath

Notice Your Breath Honor breath as it is the first and the last action taken in this life. FEEL what moves as you breathe? Belly? Waist? Armpits? Chest? Shoulder blades? Collar bones? Throat? Base of Skull?   Hold your attention on the sensation of breath wherever your body moves the most as you breathe. No […]

Refresh Your Senses

Refresh Your Senses Take a comfortable, stable posture and become still. Slowly visit each of your senses. Begin with noticing the touch of clothing on your body. Move your attention inside your mouth and notice its taste. Now move your attention to your nostrils, notice anything you can smell. Move your attention to your ears […]