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You Are Made of Food

You Are Made of Food We literally are what we eat as our food and water provide the constituents for the life cycle of our cells. We are constantly changing on a cellular level. It can shift our perspective on what we eat and drink when we pause to askourselves if we really want our […]

Unload Your Neck

Unload Your Neck When you settle in to read for a while or work on a computer, take time to find a comfortable way to support your elbows and forearms. This relieves the pull of the considerable weight of the shoulder blades and arm bones off of your neck and skull. Compare the feeling of […]

Feel Your Feet

Feel Your Feet It seems such a simple thing to feel your feet as you move, but we rarely pay attention. As bipedal creatures our feet are the contact point with the Earth. Paying attention to the way your feet and the ground interact as you move, is a convenient way to become immediately more […]


Blessing Our prayer life is an intimate topic. Naturally, gratitude, praise and blessings for loved ones may be part of the ritual. Sometimes we may feel inhibited about extending blessing to ourselves. Somewhere within your ritual, notice how it feels to offer from the depths of your heart may my ________ be blessed. Heart’s wisdom […]


Stand! We sit too much in the West. Prolonged sitting stagnates circulation and breath and overloads the lumbar spine. If you are a TV watcher, consider making it a practice to stand up and take deep breaths through the commercial breaks. In your home or work office, create a standing work area. Height adjustable computer […]

Affirm It!

Affirm It! Our inner dialogue is powerful. Thoughts typically occur as words. Practice noticing what thought streams you are thinking by pausing often to make the inquiry. It is likely you will notice some repetitive themes. Observe if the words are kind and supportive or unkind and defeating. Our inner dialogue influences our emotions, so […]

Soften Your Jaw

Soften Your Jaw Our fight or flight stress response includes readiness to bite, if needed. Many of us hold this readiness as tension in the face or throat. In a relaxed position, your teeth should not touch, but the lips should gently rest together. Notice what position your jaw is in frequently through your day. […]

Nurture In Nature

Nurture In Nature The natural world is teeming with life. From macroscopic to microscopic. To rejuvenate, spend time in the elements: fire, air water and earth. We crave clean air and sunshine. Our brain uses sunlight to set its biorhythms and to strengthen our bones. Breath is life. Notice the effect of greenery. Find the […]


Say Ahhhhhh We produce sound on our exhaled breath. To soothe your nervous system, try saying ahhhh aloud extending the sound without making yourself feel breathless. Try saying your ahhhhs in the tone of the harmonic scale ( do re me fa so la te do) Gradually increase your volume. ( do, do do) to […]

Even-out Your Weight Bearing

Even-out Your Weight Bearing to Stand Your Ground Notice your default sitting or standing posture. You have one. It the most familiar way you hold your body. The way you stand to wait, sit at your desk, drive your car. Many of us have a habit of kick-standing onto one leg or sitting heavily upon […]