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We have all heard the phrase I’m contemplating my navel as a way of saying I’m taking some down time. Contemplation while outwardly appearing quiet, actually involves a dynamic inward process. Contemplation can involve complete immersion in a creative expression of the object of our contemplative focus or can be pursed for insight into the […]

Remember to PLAY

Take five minutes and watch children play. See how often they laugh, spin and jump for joy. Notice how often they stop in their tracks and notice some treasure in their surroundings. Appreciate the vast variety of movements they make as they play.Contrast this with the narrow scope of adult movement, Not a kid person? […]

FEEL Wonder

Imagine looking into the Grand Canyon, gazing up at the night sky on a moonless night, snorkeling the great coral reef, watching the birth of a child or being a diver hovering next to a mighty whale. What fills your heart with wonder? Awe and wonder are deeply nourishing experiences fostering well being. If life […]

Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be one of the most difficult emotions for us to process and is one of the most impactful for our emotional health. Hostility has been long recognized as having a strong association with heart disease. Forgiveness is an act of courage! To err is human, to forgive, divine. Alexander Pope is a perspective […]

Flow With the Emerald Green Orbit

Many wisdom traditions reference the metaphor of darkness and light, with light illuminating all that it shines upon and darkness cloaking and concealing in the absence of light. Light refracts into a spectrum of color we witness as rainbows. In the Yoga tradition, the energy of the heart is represented by the emerald green color. […]

Center & Affirm

After soothing with sound ( see other post of this name), place your attention on your body area where you felt the greatest sense of comfort from your vibration. Softly hold your attention there and inquire as to what encouraging or empowering words would you most like to hear right now? Notice if any words […]

Soothe with Sound

The human form is close to 70% water. Vibration travels through it easily and thoroughly. We make all sorts of sounds that express how we feel. Squeals of excitement, sighs of fatigue, groans of discomfort etc.. Recall wordless sounds that you make when soothing or comforting a child or a beloved animal. Maybe there is […]

Rest Your Tongue

Your tongue is a muscle that has an optimal rest position when not speaking or eating. The front third of the tongue lightly touches upon the ridge of gum behind the top teeth. This tongue placement gently drops the jaw so that the top and bottom teeth have a few millimeters of space between them. […]

Refresh Your Eyes

Vigorously rub your hands together to generate warmth. Close your eyes. Cup each hand and place them over your closed eyes. Become aware of the play of light and darkness behind your eyes and watch it for a little while. Slowly roll your eyes in clockwise circles- not straining in any way to do so. […]

Sleep Well

You gotta have it and it is golden! Sleep is the cycle that cleanses and replenishes our body systems. The brain’s circadian rhythms follow darkness and light. Exposure to hours every day of light from computer and cell phone screens, TV at night and bright artificial light after sunset can all over-stimulate our nervous systems […]