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Joyful Enoughness

Self-acceptance and self-love are an expression of our innate loving nature, our essential goodness as human beings. Pause daily from all of the doing. Let out a long yummy sigh, making room for contentment. Allow a heartfelt knowing that you are enough and that you have done enough for now. All your doings have brought […]

Face Fear

Fear is a natural part of life. Without it, we would not have evolved as a species. Fear is a powerful motivator and instructive, as long as we become aware of what we are fearing, when we are fearing it, how fear feels in our body and how it is directly influencing our behavior. Fear […]

Furry Friend Love

No matter what kind of day you have, your furry friend is there to greet you at the end of it. Furry friends offer us love, company and comfort. Petting them is a two-way exchange. As humans, we thrive on touch. So take 5 to be fully present with your furry friend(s). Soak up and […]

What Matters the Most?

Underneath all of our doings as human beings is the drive of what matters most to us. Whether or not are doings are aligned with what matters most to us is highly relevant to our sense of happiness. So take 5 to sit quietly with the question of what matters most to me right now […]

Be of Service

The best way to findyourselfis tolose yourself in the service of others. • Mahatma Gandhi. There are myriad ways to serve and how we choose to do so is highly personal. How we serve can be a gift of our time, talents, elbow grease, networking, mentoring, money or company. Service not only helps those who […]

Design A Supportive Environment

Some say that consciousness is a state of continual co-creation of the body, mind and environment. Take 5 to assess the various environments you spend time in. Unclutter your space and keep it clean and well organized. Freshen the area with air flow, light and, when possible, greenery. Add something symbolic, sentimental or inspiring to […]

Get Soaked

Water is healing. We are largely composed of it and need to consume it daily to function optimally. Water is also symbolic. We are baptized in it. Some cultures wash the feet of those they revere or worship. Imagine being on a long walk. You are hot and thirsty. You come upon a clear stream […]


Whether or not you consider yourself to possess an ounce of artistic talent, get out some colored pencils and blank paper and dive in. Whatever has been occupying your attention either in wanted or unwanted ways, allow the expression of it to happen on the paper with the pencils. No rules other than no words, […]

Read Poetry

Whether you are a poetry buff or not, poetry can be a go to for expression of feelings we have been unable to identify. Reading poetry can lead you to finding language or symbols that can gradually reveal our feelings in layers that eventually give form to formerly formless experience. The internet offers a wonderful […]


Take 5 to begin your journal. Journaling is fun for some, but not all, depending upon how you view what journaling is all about. The pages of your journal do not have boundaries, other than those you consciously or unconsciously set. Whatever captures your attention in the moment you open the page can be noted. […]