The ABC’s of Self-Compassion

The ABC’s of Self Compassion

Practice A: Attitude
Adopt a curious attitude towards your practice along with an intention to pay kind attention to yourself as you learn a novel skill of experiencing self-compassion. Consider this an introduction to loving-kindness.


Practice B: Be here now.
Pay attention to whether your body and your mind are in the same place at the
same time in each activity you engage in through the day. Locating your attention is the first step in training your attention. Consider this an introduction to mindfulness.

Practice C: Connect
Sit quietly and simply place your hands on your heart. This is called a soothing touch practice. Many sensations will be noticed as the chest rises and falls. Feel the feels 😊. Stay with it for at least 3 minutes. Your attention will likely wander repeatedly. The trick is noticing that you have disconnected and kindly re-connect yourself. Consider this an introduction to non-judgement.