Refresh Your Senses

Refresh Your Senses

Take a comfortable, stable posture and become still.

Slowly visit each of your senses.

Begin with noticing the touch of clothing on your body.

Move your attention inside your mouth and notice its taste.

Now move your attention to your nostrils, notice anything you can smell.

Move your attention to your ears and detect the farthest sound you hear.

Now gaze at something close to you, and notice what you see.

Linger in appreciation for the gift of your senses.

Show Up: Put Your Mind & Body in the Same Place at the Same Time

Showing Up: Put Your Mind & Body In the Same Place, At the Same Time


Feet on the earth. Position of each toe¦

Floor of your pelvis, between your sits bones, in front of your tail bone¦

Position of your hands, including each finger¦

Position of your jaw, tongue and corners of your lips¦

Softness of the corners of your eyes and set of your brow¦


This homunculus represents the map your brain has of your body,
based on the density of sensory INPUTS.
You have been strategic in placing your attention on these body areas to become present.