Breathing To Your Spine

Breathing to Your Spine

This is best practiced in a reclined or semi reclined position,
but can also be done seated. Assume your most comfortable position.

Begin by bringing your attention to however your body is moving, just as you are breathing now. Initially, there is no need to change anything. Just tune in.
Now turn your attention to how your back body moves as you breathe. Feel how the heaviness of contact of the back-body changes with inhale and exhale. Feel how some of the bones of the spine touch the surface and others do not.
Use your mind’s eye to see the bones of your spine. See the bones of the cervical spine (upper, middle, lower neck), then take mind’s eye between shoulder blades/moving along the bones of your thoracic spine.
Now move your mind’s eye into your lower spine– back side of your waist- below your bottom ribs, above your pelvis-your low back. Feel the bones in the upper part of your low back, the bones in the middle part of your low back, the bones in the lowest part of your low back.
Now that we have located the bones of your spine with your mind’s eye, FEEL if your breath can make its way into/ through each of these sections of your spine. Let’s go back through and FEEL breath moving into your neck, your mid back, your low back. Can your breath make its way into each area, infusing it, or surrounding it? While you are here, consider thanking your spine for its support. Whatever you sense is fine, just as it is.

Return to feeling the breath now without visualizing.
Just enjoy letting breath be as it is.