Breath Massage to your Pelvis

Breath Massage to Your Pelvis

This practice is best performed in a reclined or semi-reclined position
with support of a blanket under the low back and pelvis.
Begin by observing your breath, however you are breathing now.

Shift your attention to your navel and feel how the navel falls and rises as
breath moves out and in. For a few breath cycles, let breath be as it is.

Drop your attention now to the lower half of your torso to locate your pelvis. The right and left halves of your pelvis are joined via the triangular bone of the sacrum, the foundation on which the lowest spinal bone sits. Picture your pelvis like a tall bowl with a boney front (pubis), back (sacrum) and sides, but a muscular bottom. FEEL breath empty and fill the bowl of the pelvis. Inch by inch, let your breath move your attention deeper into the bowl, from the front of the bowl toward the back of the bowl. Gradually let your attention land just in front of your sacrum and hold it there for a few slow breath cycles. Notice how your breath rocks the sacrum gently.
From the center of the bowl, now let breath move attention one at a time to the sides of the bowl, then to the muscular bottom. FEEL if your breath can make its way into/ through each of these areas? As breath flows though the bowl, it massages the joints of the pelvis, all of the organs within the bowl and assists lymphatic circulation.
While your attention is here, consider thanking the bones of the pelvis for cradling your organs within its bowl and thank our breath for reaching the bottom of the bowl, keeping the muscular bottom strong and pliable!